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clear 2104 tamco euro clear

TAMCO HC-2104 Euro Clear

  • $69.95

A beautiful HIGH GLOSS European style clear. Very High Solids and cures much more quickly than "cheaper" Euro imitations. HC-2104 European Clear delivers a premium-quality, high gloss finish. HC-2104 offers superior gloss, high build, and outstanding resistance to shrinkage and dieback either air-dry or bake. This is our finest HI-SOLIDS CLEAR (also available in a medium solids version HC-2100 Euro Clear). This is made from the finest European Resins imported to America and is equal to or even superior to ANY clear made at ANY price.  Like all of our PREMIER SERIES clears, we use the maximum amounts of 2 UV absorbers!

**Only Ships with in the U.S. lower 48 and Canada**

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