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      EVENT DATES AND LOCATION - 11/3-11/6 - Hampton Virginia


      We will host our Take Over event. Tamco TakeOver 2020

      Dates 11/3-11/6 2020 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily

      Cost per Person $300.00 flat fee

      Tamco TakeOver 2020
      Cost per Person $300.00 flat fee
      1 thousand people max at the venue, social distancing requested.
      Venue: Langley Speedway, Hampton Virginia
      A one stop learning class.
      Use Tamco Paint learning how to:
      Tamco Tech and hands on training.
      CSI tech and demonstrations daily by Tom Horvath the owner. Not a sign up class 
      Watch a Mini truck be painted using the new Draggin' Colors line.  A pro team built by Matt Hutcheson. Includes Steve Nielsen and Daniel Smith. 

      Intro Taught by: Kevin Kegler 4 hours 
      Intermediate taught by: Chad Kidder 4 hours 
      Advanced taught by: Tim Lowery. 8 hours 

      Body work, priming, body filler, sanding how to's taught by Jeremy Greene and Pat Dry 4 hours 
      Graphic Classes:
      Intro Into graphics taught by Adam Lucier & Brandon McCoy 4 hours 
      Lowrider Graphics taught by Michael “Sic” Cato & Jose Mendoza 8 hours 
      Custom Painting general how to taught in a live demonstration by Shawn Phelps and Kyle Gann (not a sign up class)  
      Pinstripping & Lettering Taught by Michael Hall, Danny Riddle and Stuart Ellis 4 hours 
      Gold Leafing Taught by Stuart Ellis and various instructors 4 hours 
      Tumbler paint class taught by Randy Schroeder
      8 hours  
      How to clear Carbon Fiber Taught by Sergio Cantu 
      4 hours 

      Painting how to on Helmets Taught By J.R Fogelsonger 8 hours 
      Collision Refinishing demo's and general knowledge
      How to use your Equipment, BYOE (Bring your own equipment) and learn from the pro's how to best dial it in. 
      Automotive "celebrities" from the industry 
      Food Trucks, Beer & Wine daily.
      The whole point of this outside, completely hands on event, is to show case Tamco being used in all of the above applications and to allow you a comfortable, relaxed training environment. Everything you've wanted to learn in an automotive aspect, all at the same location. Never has this level or range of information been taught at one location, for a flat low fee. 
      Move around freely to and from training classes and spend the time at the spots you feel you'll benefit from the most. You'll have multiple days to sharpen and or learn a brand new skill. We welcome anyone wanting to learn even just the slightest detail, even if you have zero prior skills. From beginner to advanced, ages 18 and up. 


      Custom Fineline Tape and Paint Supplies

      Custom Fineline Tape and Paint Supplies

      • Quality Products for Quality Painters
      • FBS Fine line and Masking Tapes - Clean Edge, No Sticky Residue !
      • FBS Chemical Sprayers - Handy Pump & Spray - Resistant Sprayers
      • Tamco Paint, Primers, Clears and more - Automotive and Marine
      • CSI - Clear Coat Solutions Ceram-x Polishes - ONE Step Cut and Polish
      • Fisheye Filters - Blocks Water & Contaminants  (Any Pneumatic Tool)
      • Metal Flake - Micro, Mini and Standard size Metal Flake - UV Resistant Solvent Proof  Multiple Colors Glitter
      • Art Supplies - Gold, Silver and Variegated Leaf
      • Trulers - Precise paint masking - Metal fabrication - Riveting - Upholstery
            ----Anywhere a rigid ruler or tape measure can’t.





      Now Supplying you with CSI Ceram-X Polish !

      Now Carrying CSI Polish, EASY Single Step Product!

      Ceram-X Polish is specially formulated to be a fast and effective single-polish system for ceramic clear coat finishes.

      CSI - Auto & Marine Detail Products

      Ceram-X -Single Product Polish (SPP) system can remove sanding marks and finish to swirl-free shine without the need for multiple compounds and polishes

      D1 Enhancer - D1 Polish/Enhancer car Polish Developed to take polishing to 4K Results in Clarity, Depth, and Gloss.

      CSI Q-7 Detailer (Quart) - Body Shop Safe Quick Detailer Ideal for use Professionally or at Home.

      Click Here to go to CSI Product Page



      NEW Le Bleu* Now Available

      Le Bleu (medium soft) ...similar to La Rouge (soft) with its extra fine mill thickness specified for water borne paints but still voc friendly along with all the great benefits of the orange and green vinyls, great for curves and no sticky left over residue!

      Click Here to go to Le Bleu Vinyl