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FBS Tapes & Sprayers, Paint, Metal Flake, Leaf, Fisheye Filters + MORE
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      Custom Fineline Tape and Paint Supplies

      Custom Fineline Tape and Paint Supplies

      • Quality Products for Artist and Painters Who Want the Ease of Quality Results
      • FBS Fine line and Masking Tapes - Clean Edge, No Sticky Residue !
      • FBS Chemical Sprayers - Handy Pump & Spray - Resistant Sprayers
      • Orion Automotive Paint, Primers, Clears and more - Automotive and Marine
      • CSI - Clear Coat Solutions Ceram-x Polishes - ONE Step Cut and Polish
      • Fisheye Filters - Blocks Water & Contaminants  (Any Pneumatic Tool)
      • Metal Flake - Micro, Mini and Standard size Metal Flake - UV Resistant Solvent Proof  Multiple Colors Glitter
      • Art Supplies - Gold, Silver and Variegated Leaf





      Now Supplying you with CSI Ceram-X Polish !

      Now Supplying you with CSI Ceram-X Polish !

      Now Carrying CSI Polish, EASY Single Step Product!

      Ceram-X Polish is specially formulated to be a fast and effective single-polish system for ceramic clear coat finishes.

      CSI - Auto & Marine Detail Products

      Ceram-X -Single Product Polish (SPP) system can remove sanding marks and finish to swirl-free shine without the need for multiple compounds and polishes

      D1 Enhancer - D1 Polish/Enhancer car Polish Developed to take polishing to 4K Results in Clarity, Depth, and Gloss.

      CSI Q-7 Detailer (Quart) - Body Shop Safe Quick Detailer Ideal for use Professionally or at Home.

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      NEW Le Bleu* Now Available

      Le Bleu (medium soft) ...similar to La Rouge (soft) with its extra fine mill thickness specified for water borne paints but still voc friendly along with all the great benefits of the orange and green vinyls, great for curves and no sticky left over residue!

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