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      CSI - Auto & Marine Detail Products

      A note from CSI Polishes:

      CSI wasn't started because we wanted to compete in the wax and polish business, but because there wasn't a simple answer. That's our guarantee to you, we are simple and we are the answer.
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      The Ultimate Rotary Buffing kit - Blue CSI 62-610-Qblue Qty 1 x  62-203 - Quart of Ceram-X polish                         Qty 1 x 62-307 - Blue Tiger Cut Wool Low Lint pad ...

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      D1 Polish/Enhancer Can be used with Ceram-X as a follow-up polish to produce 4K clarity for the true perfectionist (nano-emulsified, aluminum oxide abrasives 10x smaller than that of Ceram-X) D1 Polish/Enhancer car Polish Developed to take polishing to 4K Results...


      Body Shop Safe Quick Detailer Ideal for use Professionally or at Home Spray detailer/Gloss Enhancer Won't strip wax and contains no abrasives Use on all paint surfaces including matte finishes (paint, PPF, vinyl wraps, decals, etc) Excellent interior detailer: vinyl,...

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      Single Product Polish (SPP) Single Product Polish (SPP) system can remove sanding marks and finish to swirl-free shine without the need for multiple compounds and polishes Mil-gauge tested to be safest polishing system developed (complete removal of sanding marks down...


      The best part about CSI's system of polishing is the simplicity. Every pad revolves around Ceram-X polish there is no need to ever buy any other polish or compound. Choose the right pad for the right job.  Every pad has...

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      Plush durable fibers and strong washable backing structure Center ring guide for easy backing plate application 100% wool four ply twisted yarn Medium cutting application

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      Sold Out $15.99

      Convoluted face improves air flow for smoother, cooler buffing Used as a finishing pad for black and show cars Euro Prepolymer foam Euro pre-polymer foam (out performs micro-fiber finishing pads as verified under the microscope) Designed to produce flawless finish...

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      Fits 8" pads....The 6" Yellow Backing Pad a Buffing Pad Backing Plate is compatible with all CSI wool and foam buffing pads as well as all standard thread rotary buffers. Its flexible design allows for precise buffing that will contour...